Best Coffee Table Ideas

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It will your wonderful morning to enjoy a cup of coffee on your special coffee table. Somehow, you really want to have a nice coffee table at home, but you have no idea which one is the best coffee table design idea to choose.

Suppose you want to build your own coffee table, you may read these following best coffee table design ideas for your inspiration.

1. Round Coffee Table

round coffee table ideas

Round coffee table
diy & craft small table
creative round coffee table

The round coffee table is one of the most favorite coffee tables that many modern homeowners choose. This round coffee table really looks so attractive with its wooden round surface. Meanwhile, it only needs three small legs made from timber. You can choose your favorite accent for the best coffee table design.

2. Coffee Table Sets

Coffee table set ideas

The coffee table set is the best choice if you do not only want to have a nice coffee table, but it also includes the chairs. Somehow, you can choose whether you prefer a round coffee table or square coffee table. You may also choose the leg height according to your wishes. You can choose the shortlegs or the long legs

3. Simple Design

modern design ideas

simple coffee table

coffee table moden

If you do not like a complicated design coffee table, you probably would prefer simple coffee table ideas. This coffee table does not use a special design like a round table surface, but it is just a square flat table. In addition, this coffee table is also made from wood without any additional colors. Though it looks so classic, many people still prefer this coffee table because it is quite affordable.

4. Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee table with storage


If you want to store your cups, sugars, and spoons in your coffee table, then you may need a coffee table with storage. Basically, this coffee table looks like a conventional coffee table, but it has special storage under the table. The storage is also completed with small doors or drawers. You may also add a shelf if it is possible.

5. For Living Room

coffee table living room

If you live in a modern apartment, you may also need to complete your apartment with a modern coffee table. Today’s modern coffee table uses metal and wood materials. The table surface is still made from wood, but the legs are made from metal. Some coffee tables are also made from glass material for fancy design.

6. Coffee Table Book

Coffee table book design ideas

If you love reading books while drinking a cup of coffee, you can choose Coffee table books. Coffee table book basically looks like a regular coffee table, but you only need a simple bookshelf under the table. You can build a simple bookshelf with two stories or three stories. It can be made from wood or glass material anyway.

7. Decoration

Coffee table decoration

Everybody wants to have a beautiful coffee table. This coffee table decor concept can make your coffee table looks extraordinary and adorable. As usual, you can use an ordinary coffee table either a round table or square table, but you have to add some decorative items on the table such as flowers, tissues, beautiful cups, and others.

8. Lift Top Coffee Table

Liftop coffee table

This is a kind of unique coffee table that you can adjust the height. This lift top coffee table is adjustable whether you want to make it high or low. You can use the storage under the coffee table surface to store some items like sugars, spoons, cups, and books. It is a modern coffee table that issuitable for many modern homes and apartments.

9. Ottoman

Ottoman coffee table

If you want to have a fancy coffee table with a comfy table surface, this ottoman coffee table must be the right choice. This ottoman coffee table does not only look unique, but it also looks so exclusive. The surface is covered with memory foam like a modern chair. It looks so adorable to complete your house decoration, yet it is still functional.

10. Glass

Coffe table glass

Glass coffee table also belongs to a modern and futuristic coffee table that uses glass material for the surface design. Some of theglass coffee tables also use glassy legs too while the others prefer to use wooden legs to keep the contemporary value. This kind of table is really suitable for a modern apartment that brings futuristic concept.

11. Sobro

Sobro coffee table ideas

Sobro coffee table brings a new modern concept to save room because it is designed with three pieces of storage under the table. The top surface uses glass material while the body is made from wood material with a special accent like white or black. Meanwhile, the storage is used to store some item using drawers.

12. Rustic Coffee Table

Round coffee table rustic

If you like a traditional themed coffee table, then we would recommend you to choose rustic coffee tables. This coffee table is totally made from timber or wood, but you do not need to paint the surface and keep the wood accent. Though it looks so rustic, it is still suitable for modern homes or traditional homes. You can build a rustic coffee table using woods or timbers behind your house. It does not need a special design, but it only needs a table surface and four legs.

13. Marble Top

Marbel top coffee table

Wood is not the only material that you can use to build your nice coffee table. In fact, you still have marble material to create such a beautiful coffee table marble top. This cool coffee table looks so elegant and luxurious. You can either choose a roundtable or square table. In addition, you can easily clean the table after using it.

14. Mid Century Design

Mid century coffee table

Let us back to the mid-century style with a special coffee table mid-century design. This nice coffee table really looks so attractive and elegant despite it may also look so old-fashioned. This mid-century coffee table has a low design and it has two pieces of storage under the table surface. In addition, the material used is still made from wood with dark brown accent.


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