Thanks For Rocking Sundance With Us!

“A hymn to the human spirit, played loud in power chords”. 
James Rocchi, Cinematical

The only heartwarming film ever made about a heavy metal band. 
Kenny Turan, LA Times

Without question the Anthem of Sundance ’08. 
Tom Hall, Indiewire

No other film that I saw at Sundance brought me to tears as much as “Anvil!”… a hilarious and moving tribute to two 50-year-old guys who won’t give up on their dream. 
Anthony Kaufman, Wall Street Journal

Very entertaining doc is amusing without being condescending, touching without straining for pathos… “Anvil!” is an underdog saga even non-metalheads will root for. Surprisingly inspirational. 
Dennis Harvey, Variety

At this fest, I loved exactly one movie: Anvil: The Story Of Anvil. It’s personal, unexpected, emotionally involving and real – my idea of a great film. The question I asked myself over and over at Sundance ’08 was whether I was watching something that needed to be made, needed to be seen, and will stand the test of time. I found a few films intense and deeply felt enough to meet the first criteria… and a few films entertaining enough or informed enough to meet the second… But in the third category? Only the one. 
Noel Murray, A.V. Club

Anvil! explores the lengths that people go to in order to create what they love. It’s a socially rebellious, in-your-face, harrowing, discouraging, inspiring, ever-idealistic–and not to diminish any of its hard-edged caliber– touching film. 
Noralil Ryan Fores, Short End Magazine

One of the best movies at the Sundance Film Festival…This is a feel good movie of rockin’ proportions! 9 out of 10. 
Devin Faraci,

It really doesn’t matter if you like metal or not, this film can appeal to anyone. **** 
Zach Haddad, Film Threat

From the first frame, the room was engaged. It was funny, then funnier still. It was Spinal Tap, but all the more compelling for being true. Beautifully shot and full of wit and rhythm, the film began to uncover in its tawdry subject matter a sense of the profound. The jokes faded and the focus moved away from heavy metal. It was about friendship and family. It was about doing what you love and never giving up, about the capacity of failure, much more than success, to foster a kind of enlightenment. All this and a man in leather trousers playing a guitar with a vibrator. The Sundance audience were whooping with delight. 
Tom Horan, The Daily Telegraph, London

A story that will resonate with most of us who, for whatever reason, have modified our dreams over time to adjust to the expectations of real life… A must-see for dreamers everywhere. 
Tom Hall, Indiewire

An alternatively moving and hilarious love story — a tale of two people hopelessly devoted to playing heavy metal music. 
John Horn, LA Times

Anvil: The Story of Anvil isn’t about metal; it’s about hope. It’s not about rock; it’s about belief. It’s not about dreams; it’s about work, sacrifice, friendship… And finally, most importantly, in a world that says ‘quit,’ they have not… 
James Rocchi, Cinematical

What makes the movie a real-life Spinal Tap without, necessarily, being a joke is that its joy is rooted in the cocky/befuddled personalities of its stars. 
Owen Gleiberman, EW

Anvil is this year’s American Movie… a pleasure to watch and engage with, even if you, like I, would flip off the radio the second any metal came over the airwaves. 
David Poland, Motor City News

To say the audience was electric after the conclusion of Sunday’s noon screening of Anvil! The Story of Anvil is an understatement. 
Nicole Sperling,

‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ kicked my ass. You’ll definitely laugh. You might cry and you certainly will be entertained. (They) are the energizer bunny of metal bands. They will play until one of them is six feet under and then whoever is left will rock out at the funeral! 
Kenny Fischer,

One of the most talked about films at the Sundance Film Festival this year… Some of the scenes in “Anvil” are so outrageous, it feels like this must be a Spinal Tap sequel. It isn’t. These guys are for real. “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”: The year’s great rock movie? 
Pete Maiden, Rolling Stone 

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