Simple Kids Hairstyle (Boys & Girls)

KIDS HAIRSTYLE -You cannot deny that as a parent you want your kid to appear beautifully in public, especially for the mother. For those who have the same thoughts, it might be a good thing to try changing the kids hairstyle for a change.

That is because changing the current hairstyle of your kid can easily give another new look that will surely make your kid looks more beautiful. You do not need to worry about the complicated hairstyles because there are quite a lot of nice hairstyles that you can simply try on your kid. Here are some of those that you can try.

Kids Hairstyle For Girls

Double Buns Style

Double Buns Style Hairstyle Girls

This one is something a bit unique that you can simply try. That is because you just need to make two symmetrical buns on the head of your kid. If you remember one character named Chunli from Street Fighter Game, then you will need to give that kind of kids hairstyle to your kid.

You can be sure that your kid will look more beautiful. One thing that you need to highlight is that you need to let the tape down a bit to give the more attractive look.

Sparkling Clips

Sparkling Clips hairs

If you want to pick the simplest ways to give the perfect hairstyle for your kid, you can easily use a couple of sparkling clips. That is because the clip is one essential accessories that you can give to your kid. As an addition to that, the sparkling style is something that will attract a lot of attention.

For your consideration, this kind of kids hairstyle is not something that will suit your kid if she has bright colored hair. Black and dark brown are two colors to match this kind of hairstyle best.

Long Braid

Long Braid kids hairstyle

For those who want something classic, this kind of hairstyle is something that you should not miss. That is because you can easily braid the hair your kid in less than 15 minutes. As an addition to that, you can give any kind of accessories at the end of the braid.

Some people will simply use a rubber band, but you can always pick the fancy and colorful ribbon if you want. If you want to use a ribbon, make sure you choose the proper color against the color of the hair.

Headband Style

Girls Headband Style

If your kid has a long straight hair, then this kids hairstyle is the one that you need. That is because this kind of totally simple. You just need to comb all of the hair to the back and wear the kind of wide headband. Make sure the headband is not covering the ears. Show those ears with the simple yet beautiful straight hair on the back. This kind of hairstyle is something that will suit the older kids since this kind of hairstyle gives the kind of mature impression.

Side Braid

Side Braid Girls Hairstyel

If you are looking for a new way to braid the hair of your daughter, then this one is the option that you can take. You can use the kids hairstyle that will give another perfection to your daughter.

You just need to have some small braids on the side of the head leading to the centre on the back. For another side, let the hair falls gracefully. That will be a kind of hairstyle that will attract a lot of attention as something totally beautiful.

Half-Bun Hairstyle

Half-Bun Hairstyle

If you are looking for the nice hairstyle for your kid who has the wavy hair, then this hairstyle is something perfect that you need to try. You just need to have a simple bun right on the top of the head.

This one is meant to take those hair that covers the forehead of your daughter. For the rest of the hair, you just need to let it fall on the side of this kids hairstyle. That will be something glamorous that you can try for your kid.

Ballet Bun

Ballet Bun hairstyle for girls

If your daughter has the curly hair, you might want to start getting a new haircut first and make it shorter. That is because once your kid has the short haircut, you can easily apply the ballet bun on her.

This kind of hairstyle is something that can give the kind of elegant impression. For your consideration, the hairstyle is perfect for those who have the dark skin tone so that you need to try it once in a while if you have the dark skin tone.

Clipped Bob

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Bob style is considered as something quite common, which is why this kind of kids hairstyle is becoming one option that many mothers give to her daughter. However, if you want to try something better, you can try the clipped bob. It is not that difficult after all.

That is because you just need to comb one side of the hair to the back and use a couple of clips to keep it there. It is something easy yet perfect for many kids.

Double Braids

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If you think one braid is not enough, then you can surely try the double braids. This one is great for those who have blond colored hair. That is because the hairstyle can easily give the kind of classic and traditional French hairstyle.

For some people, this kind of hairstyle might be something simple, but some others, the kids hairstyle is something stunning.

Kids Hairstyle For Boys

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Best ideas for boys hairstyles

Flashy Bow

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If you want something flashy that will attract a lot of attention, then this hairstyle is the one that you are looking for. This one is totally simple since you just need to comb the hair of your daughter to the back and tie it a bit high on the back. After that, you just need to pick a big enough bow to flash the surrounding and you already have it.

Those are some of the nice hairstyles that you can simply try on your kids. For your consideration, it is quite advisable for you to apply the kind of kids hairstyle based on the kind of hair and the length of the hair that your kid has. This way, your kid will have the amazing hairstyle that will catch a lot of attention. Do you want to try one of those hairstyles above?


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