Some Top Unknown Brands For A Modern Design Fireplaces for Your Home

Modern fireplace design

A fireplace is undoubtedly a priceless addition to any home. It not only becomes the focal point of any room but with new advancements in energy efficiency, modern fireplaces have never been so cost-effective. As a result, most people are opting for direct vent fireplaces or have direct vents inserts placed in their existing fires.

With new designs coming up each day, finding a unit that not only fits your budget but also seamlessly fits into your décor isn’t easy. As a result, some of the top-rated brands end up being unnoticed.

Below are some of the top unknown brands of modern fireplace designs.

1. Comfort Smart

Comfort Smart Fireplace

Comfort Smart is a brand established on both quality and durability. Comfort Smart products feature cutting edge technology and resemble a real wood-burning fire. The log inserts and freestanding electric stoves are simple to set up, plugin, or turn on to experience a warm and charming atmosphere.

2. Amantii

Amantii fireplace design

Amantii products are electrical and wall-mountable and feature unique color and heat settings. Their electric fireplace inserts with a heater are ideal for homes, offices and building foyers. Amantii electric fireplace logs are instantaneous focal points in any room. They can heat up to 500 square feet but feature flame only selections.

3. Ortal Modern Gas Fireplaces

Ortal Modern Gas Fireplaces

Ortal has for long manufactured high-quality frameless gas fireplaces. Ortal leads with careful consideration to aesthetics and to developing fire technologies. Their designs range from contemporary to traditional direct gas fireplaces which create a modern ambiance.

Their products are excellent focal points generating a warm, comfortable atmosphere but at the same time adding a fascinating architectural element to any room. Ortal’s innovative product designs permit you to install their fireplaces in different spots within your home or business.

4. Marquis

Marquis fireplace design ideas

Maquis designs are sleek and stylish. Designed in Canada, each piece matches the highest standards in the fireplace market.

Marquis features trend-setting modern style to satisfy both contemporary and classic interiors. Backed with over 35 years of quality and craftsmanship, you’ll for sure appreciate these European-inspired designs.

5. Kozy Heat

Kozy Heat fireplace design

Kozy heat manufactures up-to-date designs and at the same time help you to save on utility bills. Their products range from gas fireplaces, inserts, and gas fireplace accessories that present the best heating for any room.

6. Supreme Wood-burning Fireplaces

Supreme Wood-burning Fireplaces

Supreme fireplaces design superb wood-burning products that have since become favorites among many fireplace lovers worldwide.

The Supreme fireplace designs unique stoves that feature stainless steel interiors. By so doing, they ensure quick start-up and low maintenance requirements; a great benefit for anyone who favors wood fires without much hassle.

7. Dimplex

dimplex fireplace design ideas
By: Paul Hanaoka

Dimplex is excellent in the manufacture of realistic flames and electric. They use LED technology to design beautiful 3-D flames. Their Dimplex electric fireplace insert and the Dimplex wall mount electric fireplace are must-have for all homes.

Dimples offer various models for large houses as well as compact cube fireplaces for both apartments and small spaces. More so, they design traditional and contemporary models as well as wall mount options.

8. Chazelles Fireplaces

Chazelles Fireplaces design

Chazelles is keen on the quality of materials picked for the manufacturing of their products. Chazelles ensures high-quality fireplaces with energy which are energy efficient. Chazelles designs contemporary wood fireplaces for homes that feature a unique lift-up door opening system.

Their stoves are either lifestyle or entertainment feature. Chazelles offers a wide range of wood-burning and gas fireplaces which are all made with a guarantee of quality.

Chazelles double-sided fireplace is one of their unique designs which can extend warmth and radiance from both sides. It can be installed in any outside wall to provide heating. Making it excellent for entertaining guests both in the house or in the backyard.

9. Real Flame

Real Flame fireplace design

Design their fireplaces with the newest safety devices, including flame failure as well as oxygen depletion systems. All their products feature a meticulous finish with high-quality materials. More so, they have styles ranging from vintage to modern. All their fireplace will add value, ambiance, and glow to any home.

∴ Conclusion

Numerous top brands are offering high-quality modern fireplace designs. Some are not very famous, but this doesn’t make their products sub-par. So, the next time you go shopping, review their products and you’ll be glad that you did.

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