Fireplace Tile Ideas


Consider giving your fireplace a creative and engaging look with beautiful tiles. Available in virtually endless colors, textures and patterns, tiles can bring a distinctive look to a boring environment.

Concept of Fireplace Tile Ideas

All in the details

fireplace tile ideas

Use a small scale pattern to make the fireplace a subtle yet stunning focal point. Keeping the fireplace and décor simple and earthy allows the attention to stay focused on the beautiful tiles.

Beautiful patterns


When the fireplaces are relatively simple and unadorned, you can easily choose to add more patterns with tiles. Here, the one-inch glass mosaic tiles create a play around the fireplace. The colors on the wall correspond to the tones found in the tiles, giving unity.

Beauty Neutral

Fireplace tile BEAUTY NEUTRAL

Combine neutral tiles with ornate decorations to add beauty without regard to attractive prints. The fireplace offers a elaborate white fireplace with warm beige colors around the tiles.

Really textures

Fireplace tile ideas

Use a large-scale tile that displays detailed images to dress up a neutral fireplace with beautiful textures. Here, tile decorations with natural colors and golden accents create an elegant traditional look.

Mature characters


The brick-inspired tiles around the fireplace in this kitchen set a rough tone, adding age and instant characters into space. Traditional materials complement the surrounding white cabinets and black countertops.

Kitchen and bathroom inspired


Marble has long been a luxury ingredient for kitchens and bathrooms. The fireplace brings marble to the living room by pairing black and white materials used throughout the room, radiating casual elegance.

Gravel Texture


Embedded tiles with small pebbles bring nature-inspired textures to this fireplace. Pairing white pebbles with a grey NAT and a simple white coat gives a clean, contemporary look to the space.

Tall and handsome

fireplace tile ideas

The sleek glass tiles are set vertically to increase the visual height and drama around this slippery fireplace. A dark color palette warms contemporary spaces, while the trendy narrow tiles retain a modern vibe.

Crossing borders

fireplace bedroom ideas

Use smaller tiles to create borders on the inner and outer edges of your tiles. Here, the textured tile is used to make the border stand out. Similar textures on some larger tiles add interest and bind them together.

Three dimensional style


When considering the fireplace tile, think over the color. Three-dimensional textures are another way to add unique characters. In this bedroom, white tiles form a simple blanket-like pattern, drawing attention to a soft line and shape.

Picture Perfect

Fireplace tile ideas

Select the tiles depicting the image you like and repeat to create a distinctive pattern related to your room theme. The blue boat on the tile surrounding the fireplace is a perfect choice for a nautical themed space.


Fireplace to celling

Consider using the same tiles on the floor and fireplace to give the cohesive display space. Featuring tiles all the way to vaulted ceilings, this fireplace makes a real statement. Large-scale patterns make it invisible too busy.

Go Big or Go Home

Fireplace tile ideas go home

Find a tile you really like? Instead of using a small amount around the fireplace, consider taking it all over the wall. Here, the homeowners choose to leave the fireplace and other artwork to give full attention to the tiles.

Asian influences

Beautiful tile fireplace

Asian tiles-look according to the east character of this room. The hand-painted numbers continue on the NAT line, giving the appearance that the tiles are unified like a puzzle. The plain black tiles are mixed to keep the fireplace not too busy.

Welcome to Contrast

Fireplace black tiles

The black tiles offer an extraordinary contrast with a white fireplace. Here, high-gloss black paints on the tiles and Nat add a modern edge to the fireplace and traditional space.

Floor to fireplace

Luxury fireplace tile ideas

Visually adjust your fireplace to the floor using the same tiles in both places. Here, the ceramic tile featuring warm terracotta tones warms the white fireplace in the room and the built-in. Curved tile applications around the fireplace give a contrast to the square tiles on the floor.

Light and luxurious

Fireplace light and luxury

Nobody says luxury like marble. In the bathroom, a fireplace over the deep bathtub provides the perfect place for a relaxing soak. With everything wrapped in the same classic marble mosaic tiles, the beautifully integrated bath and fireplace.

All in geometry

ALL IN GEOMETRY fireplace tile

This surround fireplace has a geometric pattern consisting largely of triangles in varying sizes and settings – sharp focal points to a mostly white space. The geometry is picked up by carpet, providing visual connection to the floor.

Naturally Warm


Bring the warm and natural shades of wood to your fireplace using the wooden-tone tiles. The Stacking logs in the fireplace emphasize the display. Here, the white fireplace makes the fireplace from looking too rough for the modern space.

Bright and beautiful

Bright and beautiful fireplace blue

Add a tint of colour around your fireplace in bright colours. Here, the vivid blue tiles are offset by the white fireplace. The lighter blue paint on the wall and the bright accent color complement the look.

Break It Up

patterned tile is arranged

Add interest to the surround tile by combining tiles in contrasting colors. Here, a natural, patterned tile is arranged in a line above the fireplace and alternately on both sides breaking the monochromatic green tile.

Tips and trick tiles

As previously described, there are several different types of tiles that can be distinguished based on the materials they manufacture. These tiles also have the character and its characteristics so that it is a choice for homeowners. In addition, the tiles below have high flexibility so that it can be installed not only on the floor but also a variety of places.

Types of Ceramic tiles


In the past, Indonesians were more prevalent using cement, soil, and wood as the floor coverings or walls. After the entry of the Netherlands to Indonesia, the houses are also decorated with vintage-style tiles with a very distinctive pattern. Only after that, the homeowners switched to use more modern tile materials namely ceramics.

Ceramic Making Materials Already know yet the ceramic is made up of any of the ingredients anyway? This type of tile is apparently made from a mixture of sand, natural clay, and also water. After being mixed and processed in such a way.

The materials are then printed in rectangular form with various sizes. Once printed and dried, the ceramics are polished with finishing to make them more shiny. This is one of the uniqueness that makes ceramic tiles much of interest to people. The finished ceramic surface has a slick texture. Thanks to this and its constituent materials, ceramic also has a soothing nature. That’s why ceramic tiles are often used in tropical climates like Indonesia.

Ceramic tiles used for…

Usually, people use ceramic tiles as a floor cover material. Actually not limited to it
Ceramics also have the ability to be sorted on:

  • Home Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Backsplash Kitchen
  • Ceramic Wall
  • Ceramic bathroom.

Installation method Ceramic tile floor or ceramic wall. This type of tile can be installed easily and without going through a difficult process. This is due to the nature of ceramics that are easy to cut and installed on the form of strange fields though. The thing to note in the installation itself is the consistency of the adhesive materials in the form of cement and ensure that the installation is not angled.

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