The Art Of Filmmaking

One of the most elusive art forms in the world is the art of film making. To someone who is a mere or occasional spectator, it might appear as something frivolous, over-the-top or something that doesn’t warrant much attention from the analytical, structural or professional point of view. But for people who have attempted to watch any well-made film (feature, documentary or short film) from a close and nuanced point of view, it becomes evident that there is a lot more to it than what the eyes of the general spectator perceive.

Exploring the Art of Filmmaking

In reality, filmmaking is a confluence of art, science and technology. Or in other words, in order to be a successful filmmaker, you need to master all of these spheres. When a filmmaker does not pay heed to the scientific and technological aspects, and only focuses on the creativity, the result is a beautiful piece of art with great aesthetics and a wonderful plot, but fails to make the mark on the grounds of technicality and fails to draw the kind of reaction that it deserves from the audience. On the other hand, when a movie maker focuses on the technological and scientific aspects of a movie and foregoes creativity, you are presented with a dull, drab story and uninspiring visuals that have been created meticulously, but are plain boring and mundane.

The 2 M’s of Filmmaking

If you compare the movies business of the yesteryears and the global film fraternity of today, there is a far and wide difference not just in the content, but the overall creation, presentation and distribution. There are 2essential M’s of Filmmaking that have taken the forefront, and without which no filmmaker can ever create a wholly successful movie. These two M’s are management and marketing. Only if you have excellent management skills, can you become accomplished Director and Producer of Movies. And what we’re talking about here, are not just those commercial, massy films but world cinema and even online content of all kinds. The sheer requirement to get manpower, equipment and all the necessary wherewithal together and work together in coordination, requires great leadership skills at the very outset. And finally, you have the essential aspect of marketing, yet another field in which many ‘arty’ minds fail miserably. Marketing your film well is a dimension of filmmaking, which is becoming as important as making the film in the first place!

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