The ‘Rock Movie’ That Went On To Be A Masterpiece!

From getting rave reviews such as ‘Being a Supremely Entertaining and Inspirational Fable for our times’ and ‘A Hymn to the Human Spirit played loud in Power Chords’, to running to jam-packed full houses, owing to its amazing comic timing and  even moving onlookers to tears, Anvil the Movie has certainly etched a benchmark for Concert Movies of all times. If you happen to be a heavy metal fan, you will find yourself falling in love with each and every frame of this movie, and even if you don’t enjoy this musical genre as much, you will still find so many wonderful things to appreciate in this epitome of cinematic excellence.

Anvil the Movie Premiere

We all know that the movie released to worldwide audiences in 2008. But what many of us are still not aware is the fact that it was the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah where the premiere of Anvil the Movie took place. Now you might be wondering why this premiere did not happen at a higher level, or at a more renowned film festival; the most probable reason could be that this was not your typical massy movie, and neither was it an outright art film. This was reserved for a particular segment of music lovers and fans of Anvil the Band. But contrary to conventional expectations, this concert movie went on to garner critical acclaim as well as popular awards and most importantly, a great deal of money!

Awards, Accolades and More!

Well, the very first award that the cast and crew of Anvil was facilitated with was at the film Festival held in Sydney. Thereon we got to see a wide variety of popular awards and viewer’s choice awards given away in Los Angeles and the Galway. Now the interesting aspect here is that most of these awards were determined as an outcome of popular voting from the audiences. So it was not just fans of the heavy metal band who loved the cinematic depiction of the band’s journey, struggle and triumph, but movie goers from across the world loved it, appreciated it and voted for it. And the icing on the cake was where the movie dubbing was concerned. Instead of restricting the creative process to closed studios, band members decided to go out in the open and involve the masses on the road for an exceptional Anvil Experience, which was a big hit!

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