Our Lenovo Y27g RE Review

Lenovo Y27g RE

The Lenovo Y27g RE offers a gamut of colours and decent brightness, but many of the features are not worth the high asking price set. The experience of using it was rather underwhelming, to put it mildly, especially compared to other gaming monitors, because of the many factors that don’t necessarily contribute to a better gaming experience.

With the amount you are paying for this 1080P monitor, you could get a fairly decent 4K monitor which doesn’t have as many flaws, so that’s a double whammy for this product from Lenovo. It does display a wide array of colours, although that in itself is not so excellent after all, but other than that, it’s all downhill from here. Although the screen is curved and has G-Sync support is not enough selling point to tip the scale in their favour.

The curved screen is nothing out of the ordinary, so it’s pretty decent, with its plastic and metal chassis. What’s puzzling is the coloured LED lighting at the back. Who needs to put lighting at the back of a monitor when no one is going to see it most of the time? It doesn’t make sense at all.


  • Decent brightness and colour gamut
  • Unassuming appearance
  • Curved screen


  • Exorbitant price
  • Useless presets
  • No speakers
  • Superfluous extra features

Adjusting the height and viewing angle is pretty straightforward. Also at the back of the monitor is a hidden panel with a cover that slides into place. It is a good place to hide unwanted wires and other non-essential peripherals. The main selling point is the curved design, although at 27 inches, it doesn’t do much to improve gaming experience at all.

There is a ton of presets in embedded in the system which you can control from the buttons on the bottom of the screen. These presets are pretty much useless, though as they don’t work well for any of the gaming modes. FFP1 mode registered too bluish, while FPS2 registered too much red. Whoever came up with these preset did not check very well if the settings worked at all. Another weak point is the menu itself. Some basic items are buried so deep in the menu that you have to explore every option before getting what you want. It is counter-intuitive is the understatement of the year.

With the G-Sync option activated, it did not make much of a difference when it was not activated, which is quite baffling because that is what gamers pay big bucks for. For some reason, these doesn’t seem to have any positive effects on the system. Something is definitely amiss here.

Brightness and colour are two areas where the Y27g RE excels. The system is capable of putting out 313 nits in the brightness scale and can provide 128% of the colour spectrum for sRGB. The downside to this is that the presets screw things up for the display modes, so if you want to make changes, you have to do it manually.

The $600 price tag does not represent what this monitor is not) capable of. If you are going to spend that much money, there are a lot of better options available for you. This will, undoubtedly, be in the shortlist of things to avoid at the next online sale of gaming monitors.

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