Highlights Of The Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival really needs no introduction. This is the place where all of the world’s glitterati migrate to every year, the crème-de-la-crème of world cinema is showcased and the paparazzi get exactly what they want- an overload of glitz, glamour, myriad pictures with the most talked-about celebs, never-ending celeb gossip, fashion faux pas and more!

Going back in time

Well, there was a time around 1932 when this film festival was not as glamorous as it appears today. In fact, only 16 countries had taken part in the first ever film festival held at Cannes. Obviously just before, during and immediately after the Second World War, it was impossible to hold the event at a grand scale owing to budgetary issues. It was only around the 1970s, that the Cannes Film Festival started to receive the kind of mileage and worldwide media attention that it receives today. Despite the Venice Film Festival being the older of the lot, it is definitely Cannes that wins over in terms of participation, glamour and paparazzi attention today.

Award Categories

The award categories handed out during the Cannes Festival is way more diverse than any other global film bonanza of its stature. While the original names are all in the French language, there are English translations for the English-speaking audience as well. So the most important awards include the Golden Palm Awards, the International Federation of Films Critics Prize, the Best Documentary Performance and the International Critics Week Prizes which obviously feature in the form of a separate, parallel category alongside the mainstream awards. What’s amazing about the Cannes Awards is that there is a special awards that’s been reserved for the best canine performance as well as a special Queer Palm Award for a film that has beautifully highlighted LGBT issues or relations or rights, for that matter. This makes it an awards ceremony that is just not looked forward to, but highly meaningful and progressive as well.

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