The Greatest Concert Movies ever made – Part 1

For die-hard music lovers who also enjoy watching movies, a Concert Movie is a dream coming true. And there are so many amazing contenders in the list of choices, for narrowing down on the greatest concert movie ever made! So at the end of the day, the choices are purely subjective and it is almost impossible to draw a subjective conclusion in this regard. So instead of telling you about one best concert movie ever, we really think you should go through the entire list and decide for yourself!

The Last Waltz

Those who are fond of reminiscing the classics, go ahead and point out to the Last Waltz that was performed in 1976 by ‘the Band during the particular year’s Thanksgiving Festivities. Now we should definitely appreciate the musical prowess and artsy brilliance of each of the band members and laud their collective efforts to woo crowds in large numbers. But an equal chunk of credit goes out to the sheet brilliance of documentary filmmaker Martin Scorsese for capturing the concert in the most aesthetic and insightful manner. Thereon he went on to create a full-fledged documentary on the journey of this Canadian-American Band. Finally in 1978, the Last Waltz was released as the first major ‘rockumentary film’ ever made. Having kick-started and set a new precedent for a new genre altogether, this concert movie received an extremely overwhelming response.

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Stop Making Sense

Featuring the soul-wrenching numbers churned out by the famous American Rock Band ‘Talking Heads’, this concert movie was shot in a more methodical fashion as compared to the path-setter that was the Last Waltz. Just so you know, there is a highly specialized fusion-genre that we refer to as ‘Wave Music’ and the compositions of the Talking Heads played a significant role in popularizing the same. This prompted Director Jonathan Demme and Producer Gary Goetzman to seek collaboration with the band members and get this concert movie shot in 3 consecutive sittings in 1983. This was probably the first ever rockumentary film to have been methodically shot in the in a proper Hollywood Studio, known as the Pantages Theater. Incidentally, there was partial funding of this movie carried out by the band itself.

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