Exploring the Story of Anvil

Like many other successful bands that have withstood the test of time and not crumbled down or split unlike its counterparts, Anvil had a fascinating background story which was just waiting to be told. And it was not just your typical rags to riches story, or the conventional tale of the underdog who wins the race. On the contrary, there was a lot of passion, intricacies of human emotions and a great deal of humor involved, all in addition to the core story of optimism, determination and perseverance. Perhaps it has been the fragile human nature, real-life situations and realistic emotions that have been portrayed in Anvil the Movie, which as stuck a genuine chord with the audiences. Instead of giving you a lengthy and boring sermon, Anvil the Movie takes you down an unfamiliar route which excites you, startles you, fascinates you and ultimately entertains and inspires you!

The Plot Unravels

Frankly speaking, no one in particular (and certainly not Anvil fans) would have expected the story to begin on such a humble note, but it does so very beautifully. We are introduced to our favorite Anvil band members, not as the musical legends as they are today, but at a stage where they were the lowest of their lows. The Canadian band, despite having been formed in 1978 and having played for a massive audience at the Super Rock Festival held across Tokyo and other Japanese cities, fails to register much of an impact, as opposed to their counterparts and predecessors who have literally sold a massive number of records and delivered smashing hits. Well beggars cannot be choosers, and therefore when the lone opportunity of a Euro Tour suggested by a European fan crops up, the band members of Anvil realize that it’s now or never.

Initial Struggles

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful and entertaining aspect of the movie, have been the countless humorous elements that have been put in, as part of depicting the initial struggles of Anvil. So instead of a tearjerker about how these poor chaps made it so big, we get big laughs out of what all these rock icons had to go through in order to achieve their present state of glory.

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