The Benefits of Holding a Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night

Some people will find just about any excuse to sing because it makes them feel good. Some choose to sing in the car, the shower or even in the store to tunes played over the intercom. Getting together with friends and having a good laugh while each person attempts to sound like their favorite singer, however, generates health benefits not found when participating in other activities or when singing alone.

Research shows that the advantages of participating in karaoke are difficult to replicate in any other way. Singing requires deep breathing as well as breath control. The act is not only good for the body, but the brain as well. Psychologically, it can boost confidence and self-esteem. It also builds social connections as you share the activity with others. Best of all, due to an increase in the release of endorphins, singing relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. The result is a feeling of calm, peace and even euphoria.

The act of deep breathing, such as done when singing, burns more calories than would normally be expended by just talking, although more oxygen is inhaled with that activity as well. Research shows that a person that weighs 150 lbs. will burn around 100 calories per hour while singing in a sitting position. When standing and performing in front of a group, however, the calories burned increase to around 140 per hour. If acting, dancing or intensifying any movement while on stage, even more calories will be burned.

Most karaoke clubs provide alcoholic beverages in addition to the opportunity to sing your favorite songs. According to a research study conducted in Japan, participating in karaoke along with imbibing in a light to moderate amount of liquor can reduce stroke and heart disease. The combination not only relieves stress but also improves cardiovascular health.

According to Professor Tanigawa from the Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine, who tested one of the Singtrix Karaoke Models, combining high social support with light to moderate alcohol consumption increased feelings of wellness and bliss. Another study found that men benefited more than women, heavy drinking resulted in greater health risks even with a support group and that those with fewer friends tended to have less healthy lifestyles.

It’s amazing to find that singing karaoke can even surpass yoga in health benefits. Not only is it good for the reasons mentioned above, but it has also been shown to be highly effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety and fatigue. The first instrument on the planet was the human voice and it’s free. It’s no wonder that today it remains the preferred form for making music regardless of the reason.

Today karaoke has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Many people now use the activity to turn a party, where guests can feel like superstars, into an event of historic proportions. Karaoke not only has health benefits for the individuals participating, but it brings friends and family closer together while boosting often fragile egos.

There is no doubt that singing has physical and psychological benefits, especially when participating with friends. Singing in a social environment helps reduce stress, release endorphins, increase calorie burn and improve overall health. Regardless of the reason, never be afraid to belt out your favorite song. In the end your mind and body will thank you.

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