Anvil References in Pop Culture

With their inspiring journey spanning over four decades today, Anvil is not just confined to being a rock band today but has become an iconic name and almost a cult that has been referred to time and again in pop culture and various realms of mass media and entertainment. From famous commercial blockbusters such as Final Destination, The Green Hornet and Sleepaway Camp, to episodes of several popular television shows such as the Simpsons, Sons of Anarchy, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and Pure Pwnage, there have been several fleeting and popular references to this amazing rock band.

Books, Video Games and More!

It doesn’t just end here, because in 2009, Kudlow Steve and Reiner Robb even decided to dedicate an entire book to the Anvil Story, and this was published by the Bantam Press. While this did not go on to become a bestseller like the blockbuster hit that was Anvil the Movie, it did contribute in spreading the popularity of the band, and propagated its story of trials and tribulations, as a tribute to the band for coming this ahead and making it so big. Last but not the least in the list of Anvil References in Pop Culture, all gaming enthusiasts must surely be aware of foot-tapping Anvil numbers like Tag Team, This is Thirteen, March of the Crabs and Metal on Metal, being featured in iconic video games and their various modules like Chinatown Wars, Rock Band 2 and Brutal Legend.

How did Anvil popularize Hair Metal?

With their heavy makeup, tattoos, flashy accessories and whacky hairdos, band members of Anvil played a big role in popularizing Hair Metal during the 1980s. Actually this trend had started way back in the 1970s, so Anvil the band certainly cannot be given the onus of setting up Glam Metal or Pop Metal as a trend, but the band did play an important role in spreading the word far and wide during its prime. It was only towards the 1990s that the new trend of Grunge caused Hair Metal to fade away slowly and steadily. But till date, Anvil has been considered as the most famed and riveting Hair Metal Bands of all times!

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